Here’s a list of our current programs. Check the calendar on the home page for upcoming instances of each.



Teams sign up to create a new work based on a given theme or creative restriction. We started out with 48 hour contests, but now the typical time allowed is two weeks. When time is up, every participant shows their result at a well attended wrap-up event, and an independent jury chooses a winner. The audience also votes and chooses their own favorite.


Akron Film+Pixel Festival

Our flagship event, taking place throughout downtown, is this four day celebration of film and videogames. Buzzworthy films are selected for screening, and guest artists offer Q&As with their work. The best results of the year’s contests and discussion groups are also featured.


An exhibit of thoughtful, engaging games is playable throughout much of the event. Expert discussion panels share new ideas in film and games. Parties cap the festivities each night.


Film Club

It’s like a book club for movies. We watch a classic film, and then, on a second viewing (when the length of the film permits), any audience member may call out “stop” to freeze the film and comment about what’s on screen. Roger Ebert’s “Cinema Interruptus” series inspired the format.


Among the diverse selection discussed previously: Chris Marker’s La Jetee, Eric Rohmer’s The Bakery Girl of Monceau, Edgar G. Ulmer’s Detour, Guy Maddin’s The Heart of the World, and many others.


Freakishly Short Animation Festival

We celebrate Halloween with some of the best animated shorts of the year. Hilarious, moving, or plain beautiful films make up a brisk one-night program.


Pixel Mix

A relaxed discussion group about animation and motion graphics. We talk about the tools we use and the pieces we aspire to equal. The conversation gets rolling with pre-announced topics, but is welcome to break into smaller interest groups as the evening goes on.